We are pleased to offer beautifully framed reproductions of original lithographic prints that
have been officially licensed for reproduction by the owner and are copyright protected by
current US and International laws.

Our prints provide you the best archival-quality inks and paper that last over 200 years and printed on
hoto grade paper with a satin finish. This finish gives you beautiful color brightness using a
four color digital photo printing process making each print looks as if it were one of the
original prints.  

What we can provide mounted would be a selection from various antique and vintage
frames made from solid wood materials that will include vintage character or distress marks
adding that extra character found in originals.  Contact us and lets discuss possibilities and
we will email you photos of what frames are available for your special print.
Beautiful embossed design with small interior trim.
Price includes all new reproduction print, frame, glass, Kraft dust back cover, D rings and hanger wire,
ready to display in your home or office.

Most popular frame size                    Print size       Price         
27 x 23                                                24 x 20       $ 225.  

NOTE:  Price does not include UPS Ground shipping charges or packing materials.
Shipping and handling is included in the
Buy Now button.
All of our standard  frame sizes and styles have been discontinued except

a Limited supply of the Cherry Frames.

Please contact us before making your purchase to confirm availability.
Only the Cherry frames are available in frame size   27 x 23  
"Sonata" by M. Ditlef
Item # C1801
"Interlude" by Antoni Ditlef
Item # C1802
Ask us about prints only to mount in your frame.
"Morning Melody" by McGrew
Item # C1803
"Harmony" by Gail Frank
Item # C1804
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